There are not many Malaysian based companies that market digital products out of Malaysia. Why is that so?

Perhaps the thought seems intimidating, because how are you supposed to market and sell products to markets that you may not be familiar with?

To find out, we sat down with Warren, VP of Inmagine Group – a global creative ecosystem which provides stock libraries of images, vectors, audio and various design elements and even expanding to editing tools and all kinds of creative assets; to discuss how he and his team were able to grow and scale their products and services internationally. 

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Warren’s passion in creating global digital products is also portrayed through his own business, Amazing Fables – a personalized children’s books service that he created on his own and has now gained traction in various other countries as well.

Here, he shares some insights based on his experience in this industry, together with the marketing strategies that worked for his businesses in successfully pushing his digital products out of Malaysia.

To learn in detail how Warren successfully markets his products in various overseas markets, tune in to his session in D/M Summit. 

Amazing Fables by Warren Leow

What are the advantages of being a Malaysia based company who markets digital products overseas?

When you are selling digital products, it doesn’t really matter where you are, especially in terms of your online marketing costs, as it would be the same no matter where you are based.

However, the cost of labor and production in terms of payroll would probably be comparatively lower here in Malaysia as compared to a US or EU based company.

Another advantage of being based here would be the multiculturalism of Malaysia, with people being able to communicate in so many different languages.

This allows us to explore a wider range of markets, especially in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia. These markets are growing, so it would give us good leverage to enter these markets due to our cultural diversity locally.

Some strategies to market products out of Malaysia

1 – Localise your marketing content

It is very important to localize your content marketing for different markets.

When you first start out, it’s okay for you to standardize all your content to be in English, which is pretty much universal.

However, once you reach a certain scale, it would be best if you can translate it into the native language of the market you are targeting, as it creates better relevance and familiarity with your audience.

Inmagine also works with local sales officers in our different markets, so we rely heavily on them to localize the content that is suited towards the specific target audience.

2 – Create domain authority for your brand

When you are planning out your content strategy, it’s important to focus on positioning your company as an expert in the industry.

This means creating real value for your users and audience and not just blindly churning out content for the sake of SEO. Because ultimately, when you are focusing on creating content that would benefit your audience, it usually is aligned with the relevant keywords anyway, so the key is to balance these two components together so you can achieve the desired ranking on Google.

A good way to do this is through the educational content strategy, where you create tutorials on how to use your products, how your products can simplify the processes for your users, or even giving valuable tips and advice as to how your users can make the most out of your services.

When your brand achieves significant stability, you can even explore engaging influencers to become advocates of your products and services to further strengthen your positioning in the market.

All in all, it’s really about a multi-formatted strategy, and maximizing the presence of your brand and providing relevant content to the community. 

The 3 Important Stages of a Good Content Marketing Plan:

1 – Content production

A good mix of low and high effort content to balance it out; eg: listicles vs ebooks or valuable market research that would provide insights for your users.

2 – Content distribution

There is no point in having great content, but to have no one see it. Hence, the most important part of a good content marketing plan is seeding out your content successfully. Do it across all your platforms, eg: Email marketing, social outreach, paid marketing channels, pushing it to communities through forums etc.

3 – Content refreshing

The best part about content marketing is that the content will stay there through time, and may even gain more value through the progressive increase of traction it gains. However, it’s your responsibility as a marketer to refresh your content according to the trends and changes so it remain relevant to the user. 

Marketing Strategies for Startups with Globalised Digital Products:

Before even diving into your marketing strategy, the most important thing that would determine the success of your business is your product.

Hence, when you first start out, focus on fine-tuning your product to a certain level of quality before pushing it out to the market.

Only then, you start with low-cost options of marketing. When your company is starting out, there is no need to dive right into huge marketing spend. Focus on what brings the biggest ROI for the lowest cost, and work from there.

Options such as producing your own content that would create value to your audience, understanding your community and engage closely with these pool of following that you have grown; are authentic ways you can build credibility, and it doesn’t entail a high cost.

Subsequently, after your business has reached certain financial stability, you can look into bigger marketing efforts like paid ads or even offline marketing strategies.

What Does The Future of Marketing Look Like?

With years of experience in the industry, Warren strongly believes that the future of marketing will be very much AI-driven.

Creative collaterals, optimization efforts, and even the creation of rich content will be driven by AI.

So the true value of marketers is their intuition skills on solving problems and driving a good marketing strategy for the specific products or services that would work.

You can learn more about Warren and how he scaled new products to become globally ranked businesses in D/M Summit 2019.

With his vast experience, you will be sure to learn the necessary tips of marketing your products to global markets. See you there!